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Re: 02-lineno.patch

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: 02-lineno.patch
Date: 27 Sep 2001 10:15:44 +0200
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>>>>> "Raja" == Raja R Harinath <Raja> writes:

Raja> Hi, Akim Demaille <address@hidden> writes: [snip]
>> +** $LINENO + Is now used instead of hard coded line numbers.  +
>> This eases the comparison of `configure's, and diminishes the +
>> pressure over control version archives.  + Automatic replacement
>> for shells that don't support this feature.

Raja> The replacement doesn't appear to have been tested at all.  It
Raja> has many problems, as a quick configure on Solaris 2.6 showed.

It has been tested!  But of course other environment probably show
different behaviors and testing by other people is vital.

Raja> This is ineffective.  If $LINENO is not supported, 'expr + 1' is
Raja> an invalid command, and as_lineno_1 is set to empty.  So, the
Raja> test will always succeed.  

Bummer... Thanks!

Raja> '$as_me' is the bareword 'configure'.  You want the whole
Raja> directory name it was invoked with.  You basically want

Raja>   awk '...' < $0

Good call, thanks!

Raja> However, $0 may have been invoked on the path.  So, if '$0' is a
Raja> bareword, you'll have to search $PATH for it.

I don't think we should support this, do you?

Raja> What about all the arguments passed in to 'configure'?

:(  Telepathy I guess.

Raja> Also, you need to prevent the $as_me of that exec-ed script from
Raja> being 'configure.lineno', so that it doesn't inf-loop generating
Raja> 'configure.lineno.lineno' and 'configure.lineno.lineno.lineno'
Raja> and so on.  

I don't want to do that, because it would hide real problems.  There
is no reason for this to happen, precisely because on the second run,
$LINENO is subst'd by hard coded number, so the test passes.

Raja> You also need to capture the directory of the original
Raja> 'configure' call so that you can figure out $srcdir from it.

Sorry, I don't understand this too well.

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