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Re: [Patch 3/3] AC_PROG_YACC

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: [Patch 3/3] AC_PROG_YACC
Date: 04 Mar 2002 08:09:03 +0100

On Sun, 2002-03-03 at 23:34, Akim Demaille wrote:
> >>>>> "Tim" == Tim Van Holder <address@hidden> writes:
> Tim> Anyway, this change was really made to match the lex macro; it's
> Tim> easy enough to revert to the 'return yacc by default' behaviour.
> Please, do.
> Tim> I did make a companion to AM_PROG_LEX that looked for yacc using
> Tim> 'missing bison' as fallback and then ran AC_PROG_YACC.  So for
> Tim> missing-related use, it doesn't really matter what AC_PROG_YACC
> Tim> uses as default; the AM_* macros override the program search
> Tim> anyway.
> AM sucks as much as HP does :) AC rulez!  More seriously, I cannot

So we should take a lesson from MicroSoft and embrace & extend automake:
"autocake".  Seems like a sweet project (pun intended).

> accept: it is a not-so-fundamental-backward-incompatiblity.  please,
> submit something equivalent, but not causing new errors.

I will do so (including docs & NEWS entry).  Might not be today though,
but soon.

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