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Re: Why was handling of program_prefix changed?

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Why was handling of program_prefix changed?
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 18:09:54 -0700 (PDT)

> Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 15:57:18 +0200
> From: Franz Sirl <address@hidden>
> If you pass either do a "./configure ppc-linux" or "./configure 
> --host=ppc-linux --build=ppc-linux --target=ppc-linux" or"./configure 
> --target=ppc-linux" $program_prefix won't be set automatically.

Sorry, I still don't quite follow, not that I'm the best person to try
to follow this.  That "pass either do" is confusing me too.

Perhaps you can give a small, self-contained example?

> Hmm, yeah, a separator would be better. And are $build, $host, $target 
> really deprecated?

That's my vague impression, from looking at the code.

> What I want is a way to set $target_alias on "native" builds without
>          a) triggering a cross-compile
>          b) setting $program_prefix

Now I'm starting to understand.  Can't you get the effect that you
want with "--target=HOST-TYPE --program-prefix=''"?  The documentation
suggests that this should do the trick; why doesn't it?

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