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Complaint received, email address removed

From: PostMaster General Anti-Spam Center
Subject: Complaint received, email address removed
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 16:15:55 EDT

Dear email recipient,

Thank you for taking the time to make a report to the PMG
Anti-Spam Center.

Your email address will be removed from all mailing lists on our system.  
Please allow 24 hours for this to take affect.   If you ever need to globally 
unsubscribe from our system in the future, please use this link:

In addition, your unsolicited email complaint will be registered against
List ID: "WorldWinner".

The PMG mailing list service is committed to providing
list management for opt-in lists ONLY. We have strict policies in place
against using our service for sending unsolicited email, which all
list owners are bound by in their license agreement. Penalties for 
violating these policies include account termination without refund.

We are sorry that you have received unsolicited email from this service,
and have logged your complaint against this list. We will follow up with
the list owner to investigate how your email address was obtained, and
if our investigation shows a violation of our policy, we will take
action against the list owner.

You should not receive further messages from this or any other list, as 
the above address has been removed.

Lastly, please be aware that through a process known as Co-Registration, you 
may be signing up for more newsletters than you realize.  When you subscribe 
to a newsletter or for any offer on the world wide web, please read the
fine print.  Generally, you are authorizing the webmasters to resell your 
whenever you provide your email address online.  This is how they are able to 
provide the offer they are giving you.  By signing up for an offer, you are 
giving your permission to receive additional email.   PMG does
not buy, sell, barter or distribute email addresses; all registrations are done 
directly at the list-owners website or partner websites.


PMG Anti-Spam Center

NOTE: While we are unable to personally respond to all messages sent to 
this address, all incoming messages ARE read by our PMG 
Anti-Spam Center staff.

* If your message contains obscenities, abusive, or threatening language *
* it will be discarded without further action. Please remember that the  *
* people who read complaints at this address are working to protect you  *
* from unsolicited email.                                                *

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