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Re: Site Macro Directory

From: Mark D. Roth
Subject: Re: Site Macro Directory
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 08:22:36 -0500
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On Tue Jun 11 11:35 2002 +0200, Akim Demaille wrote:
> Thanks, it looks good to me.  Except that sentences should be
> capitalized in the ChangeLog.

No problem.

> Great.  It matters a lot.  Pay espcially attention to this: you did
> equip properly autom4te with -i, but what about autoreconf,
> autoupdate, autoheader, autoscan and autoconf?  As it is, I am very
> surprised that the test suite passes.  The whole point is that the
> test suite must use the non installed files.  With your patches, it
> does not, since it still uses --include instead of --prepend-include.

Even though the test suite is using --include instead of
--prepend-include, it will still find the files as long as there isn't
a file with the same name in any directory earlier in the search path.
And actually, that should never happen with the test suite, because
it's not passing in any additional --include options.

In any event, you're right that it should be using --prepend-include.

> Please, the --prepend-include is an absolute necessity for all the
> tools.  Plus the test wrappers that must be updated to use
> --prepend-include instead of --include.  I cannot install your patch
> currently, as it will certainly break someone's CVS Autoconf.

The attached patch has the following changes:

  * adds --prepend-include option to autoreconf, autoupdate,
    autoheader, autoscan, and autoconf

    (Note: the "-i" option was already taken for autoconf and
    autoreconf, so I left it off for those two scripts.)

  * process $AC_MACRO_PATH and @SITE_MACRO_DIR@ in autom4te instead of
    in autoconf

  * updates test suite to use --prepend-include

I have re-run the test suite with this patch, and it passes.  Please
let me know if the patch can be applied now.  Thanks!

Mark D. Roth <address@hidden>

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