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Portable Encryption Hardware And Software

From: TAPSEC Mailer
Subject: Portable Encryption Hardware And Software
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 21:43:46 -0600


Introducing DIGITAL TAPLOCK our Always Encrypted Hardware & Software Solution.

I extend a warm welcome for you to look at our line of corporate and executive data encryption software and hardware devices at

OpenPGP Encryption RFC 2440 Compliant

USB Hardware runs on any USB compatible PC.


Digital TAPLOCK  is an "Always Encrypted Device". 

"Always Encrypted" means your data is ALWAYS encrypted for MAXIMUM Protection 24/7/365 days a  year.
The data is only on demand by you accessed by Digital TAPSEC our encryption & manager software.

See how it works?  Visit us today at

  • Each Digital TAPLOCK device comes with our unique software called Digital TAPSEC.
    Digital TAPSEC is our
    'Picture PassPhrase Security Software' ™, Patent Pending., © 2002, TAPSEC Inc.

  • Picture PassPhrase security mechanism makes it easy to remember complicated PassPhrase's.
    No more using easy to guess, hack, or steal PassPhrase's.


  • Digital TAPSEC provides file and directory locking services

  • Easily find your files by storing files in efficient categories you control.
    Spend LESS time looking for files than actually using them.

  • Portable and Interchangeable.  This means you can plug it into any USB port supported computer
    and optionally run the Digital TAPSEC software directly from the unit.

  • Cost Effective:  From $ 99.99 US this device is very affordable for high end security, data storage, and MAXIMUM PORTABILITY.

  • You are not confined to the hardware, however, for MAXIMUM security it is highly recommended
    that you consistently use the hardware to properly secure your digital keys.


    No more buying software every year.   We offer a full 2 year upgrade and support path for every
    unit sold.  We are committed to ensuring you can enjoy the highest level of passphrase protection

    Visit today.

Opt Out.  Please send a blank message to "address@hidden" to opt out of future mailings.  Thank you.




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