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Re: [PATCH] use @dots{} in autoconf.texi

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: [PATCH] use @dots{} in autoconf.texi
Date: 09 Jul 2002 10:21:23 +0200
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>>>>> "Art" == Art Haas <address@hidden> writes:

Art> Hi.  Here's a small patch that replaces all but two occurances of
Art> "..." with @dots{} or @enddots{}. I used @enddots{} in a couple
Art> of places where I thought it made more sense than just
Art> @dots{}. Using these texinfo markup commands in place of "..." 
Art> improves the appearances of printed output, according to the
Art> texinfo documentation.

Art> This patch is against the current CVS version.

Thanks, installed.

Art> Thanks for all the work on autoconf!

Thanks to you!

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