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Re: Site Macro Directory

From: Mark D. Roth
Subject: Re: Site Macro Directory
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 21:14:51 -0500
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On Tue Jul 09 10:19 2002 +0200, Akim Demaille wrote:
> >>>>> "Mark" == Mark D Roth <address@hidden> writes:
> Mark> Guys, it's been almost a month since I've heard anything about
> Mark> this.  
> Sorry about this.  Work, fun and vacations.  Everything that makes me
> run away from Autoconf...

S'OK, I know the feeling. ;)  I really appreciate the response.

> Mark>   * adds --prepend-include option to autoreconf, autoupdate,
> Mark>     autoheader, autoscan, and autoconf
> Mark> 
> Mark>     (Note: the "-i" option was already taken for autoconf and
> Mark>     autoreconf, so I left it off for those two scripts.)
> Please, install the patch, it's fine with me.  Too bad for -i.  I'm
> really frustrated: I meant to have all these tools follow the same set
> of options.  We should probably move away from -i then.  I couldn't
> find anything interesting in the GCS.  But that's for later.

Moving away from -i shouldn't be a problem.  My guess is that people
will normally want --include instead of --prepend-include, so having
to type the long option for --prepend-include won't be a big deal
since it doesn't happen very often.

> Mark>   * process $AC_MACRO_PATH and @SITE_MACRO_DIR@ in autom4te instead of
> Mark>     in autoconf
> I don't think this is the right way to do it: AC stands for Autoconf,
> and it's wrong to have Autoconf directories read for Autotest etc.
> Please, don't include this part.  We'll find another solution (such as
> adding --include-envvar, or whatever, to autom4te, and have
> autom4te.cfg pass it for -l Autoconf).

I'd be happy to put together a new version of the patch that adds
--include-envvar and uses it from autom4te.cfg to select which
environment variable to use.

Once these two final changes are integrated, are there any other
problems that will prevent us from committing the patch to CVS?  If
so, please let me know now so I can integrate them into the new
version of the patch.


Mark D. Roth <address@hidden>

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