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Re: _ is tarnames

From: Russ Allbery
Subject: Re: _ is tarnames
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 09:52:08 -0700
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Akim Demaille <address@hidden> writes:
>>>>>> "Russ" == Russ Allbery <address@hidden> writes:

> | I tried to add you, but I couldn't find you on Savannah.  Would you
> | create an account?  See

> Sorry, I found you.  Done.

Thanks.  Please do note, though, that I don't have an assignment on file.
(Stanford was being annoying about such things, although I will try again
if I run across any substantial work that I want to do.)

It won't matter for this sort of wording tweak, of course.

Russ Allbery (address@hidden)             <>

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