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From: Akim Demaille
Date: 11 Oct 2002 15:27:34 +0200
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>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Meyering <address@hidden> writes:

Jim> Akim Demaille <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Given that it is used by quotearg, which is sort of widespread, I
>> apply the following patch (which obsoletes its jm_ coutnerpart).
>> BTW, we should decide what to do wrt macros that were jm_FOO and
>> are now AC_FOO: should we declare the jm_FOO obsolete?

Jim> Yes, please!  I'm embarrassed that there are so many jm_ prefixed
Jim> macros.  I wish I'd used a better prefix long ago.  I certainly
Jim> add no new ones and hope to find time to change all of the
Jim> remaining ones to use some other suffix before too long.

Actually, there is a technical problem here: your definition will
override the ones from Autoconf saying that `jm_FOO' is obsolete :)

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