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Re: Patch: AC_NO_EXECUTABLES and gcc

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Patch: AC_NO_EXECUTABLES and gcc
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 17:57:17 +0100
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 Tom> [ Zack, sorry for the resend.  The first one had a typo in the To: ]
 Tom> Recently on the gcc list it was pointed out that AC_NO_EXECUTABLES
 Tom> disables link tests.

 Tom> This isn't really satisfactory.  The target libraries typically run
 Tom> link tests for native builds, and avoid link tests for non-native
 Tom> builds.

 Tom> The appended patch changes this.  This problem is a blocker for
 Tom> changing gcc to use autoconf 2.5x.

Please, do install it!

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