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Re: 04script-wrapable-autotests

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: 04script-wrapable-autotests
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 16:44:36 +0100
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| Akim Demaille wrote:
| >I am firmly against this patch, and ask for it to be reversed.  You
| >will first have to explain it, and teach us why we'd want such a code
| >bloat.  The very first problem with this patch is its ChangeLog.
| >
| It allows scripts to appear in autotest sources, making an autotest
| script behave much more like

It was designed this way.  Please, revert this patch.

| It allows the CVS test suite to set some variables, for instance
| $CVSROOT, for the tests to share. 

You just demonstrated why we do not want this to happen: there should
be no dependency whatsoever with previous states.  If you want to set
CVSROOT in many places, then do introduce AT_CHECK_CVS that sets it.

| In conjunction with my option
| parsing patch, this can be switched depending on whether the user
| wanted to test the client/server or local mode of CVS.
| It will also allow some constructs such as:
|     for remote in false :; do
|         m4_include([])
|     done
| or:
|     for server in cvs-1.10 cvs-1.11 cvs-1.11.5; do
|         m4_include([])
|     done
|        Where contains AT_SETUP...AT_CHECK...AT_CLEANUP
|     sets.

If you want to run this, you must do it in M4, not in sh.

| Tests defined in have access to all the environment variables
| defined previously, including the `remote' and `server' variables from
| the above examples.  

They must not.  You must reset the environment for each test.

| This patch increases the size of the test suite slightly, but disk is
| cheap and portability is priceless.

My concern is determinism of the test suite.  My concern is the full
modularity of the tests: they do not depend upon the past in the test

Please, revert this patch, and let's address your issue in proper Autotest.

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