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FYI Re: 15autotest-more-info-prettier.diff

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: FYI Re: 15autotest-more-info-prettier.diff
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 10:02:16 -0400
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Paul Eggert wrote:

That looks good to me; can you please install it?  Akim's kind of busy
right now but if he finds room for improvement we can always revamp it
later.  Thanks.

Done. I committed exactly the patch I sent except I changed the DESCRIPTION column to 45 characters from 50 since 45 is just enough for the Autoconf test suite (its longest DESCRIPTION is currently 44 characters) and with a short filename the FAILED status was bringing the line total close to 80 characters so I figured that the status column could use the five extra characters.

Even at this width I think some of the other status lines, `unexpected pass (<file>:<line>)', for example, will push lines over 80 characters with a filename that exceeds 8-10 characters.


Index: ChangeLog

2003-08-14  Derek Price  <address@hidden>

        * lib/autotestgeneral.m4 (AT_INIT): Reformat test summary line to print
        DESCRIPTION rather than FILE and LINE.  Shorten result to fit in new,
        shorter column three.  Add DESCRIPTION to log file content.

Index: lib/autotest/general.m4
RCS file: /cvsroot/autoconf/autoconf/lib/autotest/general.m4,v
retrieving revision 1.150
diff -u -r1.150 general.m4
--- lib/autotest/general.m4     13 Aug 2003 21:35:28 -0000      1.150
+++ lib/autotest/general.m4     14 Aug 2003 13:48:00 -0000
@@ -652,23 +652,23 @@
-           at_msg="ok (skipped near \``cat $at_check_line_file`')"
+           at_msg="skipped (`cat $at_check_line_file`)"
            at_skip_list="$at_skip_list $at_group"
-           at_msg="expected failure (failed near \``cat $at_check_line_file`')"
+           at_msg="expected failure (`cat $at_check_line_file`)"
            at_xfail_list="$at_xfail_list $at_group"
-           at_msg="FAILED near \``cat $at_check_line_file`'"
+           at_msg="FAILED (`cat $at_check_line_file`)"
            at_fail_list="$at_fail_list $at_group"
      echo $at_msg
-      at_log_msg="$at_group. $at_setup_line: $at_msg"
+      at_log_msg="$at_group. $at_desc ($at_setup_line): $at_msg"
      case $at_status in
          # $at_times_file is only available if the group succeeded or
@@ -913,8 +913,9 @@
  AT_ordinal ) @%:@ AT_ordinal. m4_defn([AT_line]): $1
-    $at_quiet $ECHO_N "m4_format([[%3d: %-18s]],
-                      AT_ordinal, m4_defn([AT_line]))[]$ECHO_C"
+    at_desc='$1'
+    $at_quiet $ECHO_N "m4_format([[%3d: %-45s]],
+                      AT_ordinal, [$1])[]$ECHO_C"



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