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FYI: update the TODO file

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: FYI: update the TODO file
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 11:42:10 +0100
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Committed as obvious.

2003-11-24  Paolo Bonzini  <address@hidden>

        * TODO: Remove already done things.  Update the part
        about finding tools for the target.

diff -rU3 autoconf-2.59/TODO autoconf-2.59-fix-todo/TODO
--- autoconf-2.59/TODO  2003-11-14 20:14:26.000000000 +0100
+++ autoconf-2.59-fix-todo/TODO 2003-11-24 00:23:46.000000000 +0100
@@ -359,10 +359,6 @@
-* Support creating both config.h and DEFS in the same configure.
 * Select the right CONFIG_SHELL automatically (for Ultrix, Lynx especially.)
@@ -405,33 +401,6 @@
-on, configure is getting the wrong answer for
-The problem here is that there's severe name space pollution: when
-conftest.c includes <ctype.h> to pick up any __stub macro definitions,
-it's getting a prototype declaration for select(), which collides
-with the dummy declaration in conftest.c.  (The chain of includes
-is conftest.c -> <ctype.h> -> <sys/localedef.h> -> <sys/lc_core.h>
--> <sys/types.h> -> <sys/select.h>.)
-       #define $ac_func __dummy_$ac_func
-       #include <ctype.h>
-       #undef $ac_func
-From: address@hidden (Karl Heuer)
-The test for the isascii function was failing because that function is
-also a macro.  He proposed that the test file look like this:
-/* Remove any macro definition. */
-#undef isascii
-/* Override any gcc2 internal prototype to avoid an error.  */
-char isascii(); isascii();
-Andreas Schwab
 It would be nice if I could (in the files) set
 the path to config.h. You have config.h ../config.h ../../config.h's all
 over the place, in the findutils-4.1 directory.
@@ -439,12 +408,6 @@
-In a future version (after 2.2), make AC_PROG_{CC,RANLIB,anything else}
-From Roland McGrath.
        ls -lt configure | sort
 doesn't work right if is from a symlink farm, where the
 symlink has either a timestamp of its own, or under BSD 4.4, it has
@@ -506,18 +469,19 @@
 Here is one simple test
 if test "x$host" != "x$target"; then
-AC_PROGRAMS_CHECK(AR_FOR_TARGET, $target-ar, $target-ar, ar)
-AC_PROGRAMS_CHECK(RANLIB_FOR_TARGET, $target-ranlib, $target-ranlib, ranlib)
-AC_PROGRAMS_CHECK(GCC_FOR_TARGET, $target-gcc, $target-gcc, gcc)
+              [$target-ar, $prefix/$target/bin/ar], $target-ar)
+AC_CHECK_PROGS(RANLIB_FOR_TARGET, $target-ranlib, $target-ranlib)
+              [$target-ranlib, $prefix/$target/bin/ranlib], $target-ranlib)
+AC_CHECK_PROGS(GCC_FOR_TARGET, $target-gcc, $target-gcc)
+              [$target-gcc, $prefix/$target/bin/gcc], $target-gcc)
-This could be improved to also look for gcc in PATH, but require the
-prefix to contain the target e.g.:
-target=m68k-coff -->GCC_FOR_TARGET = /usr/gnu/m68k-coff/bin/gcc
 From: address@hidden (Axel Nennker)
+(also look in the autoconf mailing list archives for the proposed
+CHECK_TARGET_TOOL macro from Natanael Nerode, a gcc configury guru).
 The problem occurs with the following libc functions in SunOS 5.4:

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