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Re: 01-as-require-shell-fn.patch

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: 01-as-require-shell-fn.patch
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 09:32:21 +0100
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> EOF is not allowed to maintainers. Use _?ASEOF.

Caught by make check after sending the patch (I invoked ./testsuite manually before sending the patch).

I don't understand why you remove all this.  Plus, it looks broken.
This is still wanted by AS_INIT which is expected to be asis.
_AS_LINENO_PREPARE is not reinvoking the shell; the difference between AS_INIT and AS_INIT_WITH_SHELL_FN is that the latter exits if shell functions are not found. I took this path because AS_INIT_WITH_SHELL_FN tried to divert AS_SHELL_SANITIZE on M4SH-INIT, so doing


did not work.

Well this is still not what I said: AS_INIT no longer looks for LINENO

Actually it did not -- the difference is that _AS_LINENO_PREPARE no longer tries to find a better shell.

 But OK, let's go forward.

Thank you very much.


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