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[PATCH] m4 example bug

From: Eric Sunshine
Subject: [PATCH] m4 example bug
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 11:30:39 -0500


Here is a patch which corrects a partcularly misleading error in an m4  
example in the Autoconf manual.


2004-01-06  Eric Sunshine  <address@hidden>

        * docs/autoconf.texi (One Macro Call): Fixed a particularly misleading
        m4 example which incorrectly stated that "car([[]], [[]])" expands to
        "[]", even though it actually expands to "".  Added correct example,
        "car([[[]]], [[[]]])", which does expand to "[]" as expected.

--- doc/autoconf.texi   Tue Jan  6 11:24:41 2004
+++ doc/ autoconf.texi-fix      Tue Jan  6 11:23:25 2004
@@ -7562,6 +7562,8 @@
 car([], [])
 car([[]], [[]])
+car([[[]]], [[[]]])
 @end example

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