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another CONFIG_SHELL doc instance missed

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: another CONFIG_SHELL doc instance missed
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 10:37:09 +0100
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the move of CONFIG_SHELL to the environment of `configure' wasn't done.
In we
concluded it to be necessary though.  One instance of this was missed.

OK to apply?


        * doc/install.texi (Defining Variables): Put `CONFIG_SHELL'
        in environment of `configure', not the command line.
        Reported by Howard Chu <address@hidden>.

Index: doc/install.texi
RCS file: /cvsroot/autoconf/autoconf/doc/install.texi,v
retrieving revision 1.43
diff -u -r1.43 install.texi
--- doc/install.texi    8 Jun 2005 07:13:50 -0000       1.43
+++ doc/install.texi    13 Jan 2006 09:37:11 -0000
@@ -226,10 +226,12 @@
 causes the specified @command{gcc} to be used as the C compiler (unless it is
 overridden in the site shell script).
-Here is a another example:
+Because the value of @var{CONFIG_SHELL} may be needed before the argument
+parsing loop of @command{configure}, it is an exception to this rule, and
+should be put in the environment:
-/bin/bash ./configure CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash
+CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash /bin/bash ./configure
 @end example

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