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[Patch] Support for Erlang tools and Erlang as a test language

From: Romain Lenglet
Subject: [Patch] Support for Erlang tools and Erlang as a test language
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 12:49:59 +0900
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Please find attached a patch to the CVS version of autoconf, that 
adds support for basic Erlang [1] tools (erl, erlc) and for 
using Erlang as a configuration language, along with useful 
macros for configuring Erlang libraries directories, etc.

I have also attached dummy and that 
demonstrate the use of those macros.

I have not included tests in this patch (no tests/
I know it is bad. ;-(

Please give me feedback if anything is wrong in this patch.
I would really like that patch to be included in autoconf, since 
the erlang.m4 file cannot be used as an acinclude.m4 file, just 
like any language support file: aclocal chokes on AC_DEFUNs with 
names that include round brackets as is required by autoconf's 
language support syntax, e.g.:


Pr. Chiba Shigeru Group
Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences
Tokyo Institute of Technology

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