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Re: autotest: --keywords, and test titles

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: autotest: --keywords, and test titles
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 15:37:22 -0800
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Ralf Wildenhues <address@hidden> writes:

> I apologize for posting ever more patches

No need to apologize!  They're good ones.

> - should `--keywords' match test titles, as documented?
>   (I think it should)
> - should `--keywords' match anywhere, or only complete words?
>   (I think complete words by default would be ok)
> If we could agree on those, maybe we could also document
>      -k '.*FUNC.*'
> as a way to match parts of words
> ...
> Also, it'd be really cool to have keyword negation, so that the user can
> do arbitrary logical operations on keywords (albeit in disjunctive
> normal form only):
>      ./testsuite -k 'libtoolize,!autoconf' -k 'libtool,!autoconf'

This all sounds good to me.

> Would `!' be a good character for negation?

'-' might be better if you're worried about quoting issues.

> -  at_optarg=`expr "x$at_option" : 'x[[^=]]*=\(.*\)'`
> +  case $at_option in
> +  *=*) at_optarg=`expr "x$at_option" : 'x[[^=]]*=\(.*\)'` ;;
> +  *)   at_optarg= ;;
> +  esac

Is this change for efficiency only, or is something deeper going on?

> +         at_keyword=`expr "X$at_keyword" : '..\(.*\)'`

It would be a bit clearer to change '..\(.*\)' to 'X!\(.*\)'.

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