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Re: patch for problems with echo '-...' and echo '...\...'

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: patch for problems with echo '-...' and echo '...\...'
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 18:12:08 +0000 (UTC)
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Eric Blake <ebb9 <at>> writes:

> > 
> > For what it's worth, I can't reproduce the problem on Solaris 8
> > (sparc), where Bash 3.2.5 was compiled by GCC 4.1.1 with the -m64
> > option.
> It seems to be a bug in newlib's asprintf, which would mean only platforms
> like cygwin are affected, but I'm still trying to investigate it further.

FYI - the patch to newlib's asprintf is here:

All platforms that use older versions of newlib (ie. cygwin 1.5.22 and earlier) 
are vulnerable to any use of asprintf that results in more than BUFSIZ bytes.  
With this patch applied, the m4 testsuite once again passes, so no autoconf 
changes are needed in regards to this thread's change from echo to printf.  I'm 
not sure if it is worth an autoconf and/or gnulib macro to detect the newlib 
bug, since the cygwin community tends to recommend updating cygwin rather than 
trying to put workarounds in upstream packages.

Eric Blake

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