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Re: invalid node names in Autoconf manual

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: invalid node names in Autoconf manual
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 19:43:51 -0600

    I wonder why 'makeinfo' doesn't
    warn about these node names by default?

Because in practice most people prefer to live with the invalid node
names and the slight bogosity in the resulting Info files than obfuscate
them for the sake of makeinfo :).  For some (most?) packages, more
people care about the html/pdf output than the Info output, and there's
no problem there.

There's another problem with renaming them when they refer to an actual
command name that includes a ".".  Then it's very desirable (even part
of the standards) to have the Invoking node with the command name, so
stuff like "info --usage config.status" can work.

Properly supporting arbitrary node names has been on my list forever,
and will probably remain so :(.

    and it's not clear to me whether that '* config.status:' is allowed.

It's not clear to me either, but my advice is to leave it as it is.
That's the command name.

Sorry about this.


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