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Re: [PATCH] Fix 'config.status --recheck' when config arguments are give

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix 'config.status --recheck' when config arguments are given.
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 15:22:05 -0800
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Malcolm Purvis <address@hidden> writes:

> After some more investigation it appears that the bug is triggered by code
> specific to the XEmacs

Thanks for tracking it down.  It sounds like the XEmacs code doesn't
follow the Autoconf conventions, which are designed to support special
characters in arguments.  But this patch is so trivial that we might
as well put it in, even if other bugs remain in the XEmacs code.
I installed it with this ChangeLog entry:

2006-12-28  Malcolm Purvis <address@hidden>  (trivial change)

        * lib/autoconf/status.m4 (_AC_OUTPUT_CONFIG_STATUS): Insert a
        space before "$ac_configure_args" to prevent a 'config.status
        --recheck' failure if ac_configure_args doesn't contain a leading
        space.  This works around a problem with the XEmacs,
        which uses the (undocumented) ac_configure_args variable
        inconsistently with Autoconf.

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