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Windows / Interix / WGCC

From: Duft Markus
Subject: Windows / Interix / WGCC
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 15:11:41 +0100

Hi together!

While porting lots of software ( ;o) ) to interix (native win32) using
the wgcc ( compiler wrapper which i wrote
for that purpose (generating native win32 exe's) i stumbled over a
little autoconf problem. It is really little, and the fix is too.

The problem is: there are checks that write output in conftest.val which
is then examined by configure. With wgcc, conftest.val includes a
trailing \r\n (windows line ending). Autoconf does not take this into
account, so all those tests (usualy determining sizes of data types)

I attached a simple patch i use for my local autoconf. If there are any
objections / opinions on this, please tell me. Otherwise it would be
cool to add it to the official autoconf source tree.

The patch does not affect anybody else, but maybe it belongs somewhere
else in the autoconf sources (i simply don't know ;o)). If so, tell me,
and i'll change it.

Kind Regards, Markus

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