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From: Eric Blake
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 21:07:17 -0600
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I'm inclined to apply this patch in a couple of days; the attachment is
intentionally munged because it includes a large number of email
addresses.  Please speak up if you have a different preferred address, or
if you don't want a raw address listed in the resulting file.  Also, speak
up if I accidentally omitted your name, but you have reason to be listed.

And for those who aren't aware, I guess this patch serves as announcement
that I was recently named a co-maintainer of autoconf.  I hope to go
through a backlog of recent patch postings, and once we get direction on
the GPLv3+ exception clause, to release Autoconf 2.62.

2007-08-30  Eric Blake  <address@hidden>

        * THANKS: Update, and convert to UTF-8 encoding.
        * AUTHORS: Likewise.

- --
Don't work too hard, make some time for fun as well!

Eric Blake             address@hidden
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RCS file: /sources/autoconf/autoconf/AUTHORS,v
retrieving revision 2.9
diff -u -p -r2.9 AUTHORS
--- AUTHORS     20 Jul 2007 23:11:49 -0000      2.9
+++ AUTHORS     31 Aug 2007 02:58:55 -0000
 <AT>  <AT>  -1,18 +1,317  <AT>  <AT> 
+Authors of GNU Autoconf.
 Autoconf was originally written by David MacKenzie, with help from
-Franc,ois Pinard, Karl Berry, Richard Pixley, Ian Lance Taylor, Roland
+François Pinard, Karl Berry, Richard Pixley, Ian Lance Taylor, Roland
 McGrath, Noah Friedman, david d zuhn, and many others.
 Ben Elliston next took over the maintenance, facing a huge Autoconf
-backlog that had been piling up since the departure of David.
+backlog that had been piling up since the departure of David.  Other
+maintainers have included Akim Demaille, Jim Meyering, Alexandre
+Oliva, and Tom Tromey, with plenty of contributions from Lars J. Aas,
+Mo DeJong, Steven G. Johnson, Matthew D. Langston, Pavel Roskin.
+Today, the primary maintainers are Paul Eggert and Eric Blake, with
+help from Ralf Wildenhues, Stepan Kasal, and Benoit Sigoure.  Many
+other people have contributed, as listed in the THANKS file.
+The following contributors have warranted legal paper exchanges with
+the Free Software Foundation for their contributions to GNU M4.  This
+list comes from "sed -ne '/^AUTOCONF/,/^$/p' /gd/gnuorg/copyright.list"
+on the machine, then filtering out a few lines.
+AUTOCONF       David J. MacKenzie      USA     1967    1991-07-09
+Assigns configure and future changes submitted to FSF.
+djm <AT>
+AUTOCONF       James L. Avera  USA      ?      1993-10-04
+Assigns changes to autoconf.
+Changed (in autoconf-1.5):     acgeneral.m4 autoheader ChangeLog
+AUTOCONF       Noah Friedman   USA     1972    1994-07-15
+Assigns changes.
+friedman <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Roland McGrath  USA     1972    1994-06-24
+Assigns changes.
+roland <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Noah Friedman   USA     1972    1995-04-12
+Assigns past and future changes (, acgeneral.m4, acspecific.m4,, autoconf.texi,
+friedman <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Francois Pinard Canada  1949    1997-02-02
+Assigns past and future changes.
+pinard <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Thomas E. Dickey        USA     1951    1998-01-11
+Assigns past and future changes.
+AUTOCONF       Matthew D. Langston     USA     1966     1998-09-29
+Assigns past and future changes (acgeneral.m4, acspecific.m4,
+langston <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Mark Elbrecht   USA     1970    1999-01-11
+Assigns changes (acgeneral.m4, acspecific.m4,,, djconfig.bat).
+snowball3 <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Akim Demaille   France  1970    1999-02-02
+Assigns past and future changes (acgeneral.m4, autoconf.texi, autoheader.m4).
+akim <AT>, demaille <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Pavel Roskin    Russia  1972    1999-02-24
+Assigns past and future changes.
+pavel_roskin <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Thomas Tanner   Germany 1979    1999-06-23
+Assigns past and future changes.
+tanner <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Joseph Samuel Myers     Uk      1977    2000-03-13
+Assigns past and future changes.(aispecific.m4,,,
+jsm28 <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Lars J. Aas     2000-07-07
+Disclaims changes.
+AUTOCONF       Morten Eriksen  2000-07-07
+Disclaims changes.
+AUTOCONF       Gary V. Vaughan Uk      1970    2000-01-10
+Assigns past and future changes.
+gary <AT>
+AUTOCONF AUTOMAKE      Martin Wilck    Germany 1967    2000-07-12
+Assigns changes (aclang.m4).
+martin <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Alexandre Duret-Lutz    France  1978    2001-02-12
+Assigns past and future changes (acgeneral.m4, tests/
+duret_g <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Christian Marquardt     Germany 1964    2001-02-19
+Assigns past and future changes (aclang.m4).
+marq <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Tim Van Holder  Belgium 1976    2001-02-13
+Assigns past and future changes.
+tim.van.holder <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Derek R. Price  Us      1972    2001-03-12
+Assigns past and future changes. (changed: acgeneral.m4,
+dprice <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Markus Kuhn     Germany 1971    2001-07-07
+Assigns past and future changes.
+Markus.Kuhn <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Erik Lindahl    Sweden  1972    2001-08-22
+Assigns past and future changes.
+erik <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Hans-Peter Nilsson      Sweden  1966    2001-10-24
+Assigns past and future changes.
+hp <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Paul Wagland    Australia       1973    2001-10-30
+Assigns past and future changes. (tests/, lib/m4sugar/m4sh.m4,
+tests/, lib/autoconf/general.m4)
+paul <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Paolo Bonzini   Italy   1980    2001-11-08
+Assigns changes.
+bonzini <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Nishio Futoshi  Japan   1969    2002-01-23
+Assigns translation (Japanese) of manual and future revisions.
+fut_nis <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Federico G. Schwindt    Argentina       1977    2002-05-21
+Assigns past and future changes.
+fgsch <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Mark D. Roth    Us      1975    2002-05-28
+Assigns past and future changes. (search path patch)
+roth <AT>
US      1959    2002-06-05
+Assigns past and future changes.
+greg <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Charles Stephen Wilson  Us      1971    2002-07-25
+Assigns past and future changes.
+cwilson <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Robert Bernstein        Us      1955    2002-08-20
+Assigns past and future changes.
+rocky <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Assar Westerlund        Sweden  1972    2002-09-13
+Assigns past and future changes.
+assar <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Scott Bambrough Canada   ?      2002-09-24
+Assigns past and future changes.
+sbambrough <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Richard Dawe    United Kingdom  1977    2003-01-23
+Assigns past and future changes.
+rich <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Raja R. Harinath        India   1972    2003-02-25
+Assigns past and future changes.
+harinath <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Andreas Buening Germany 1974 2003-02-18
+Assigns past and future changes.
+andreas.buening <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Nathanael Nerode        U.S.A.    1976  2003-04-04
+Assigns past and future changes. [general.m4, programs.m4, autoconf.texi]
+neroden <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Ilya Zakharevich        Russia  1962    2003-03-11
+Assigns past and future changes. [GNUmakefile, configure,
+lib/Autom4te/, lib/autoconf/programs.m4, lib/autoconf/status.m4,
+lib/autotest/general.m4, lib/m4sugar/m4sh.m4, tests/testsuite, tests/]
+ilya <AT> Math.Berkeley.EDU
+AUTOCONF       Gavin Puche     Australia       1968    2003-04-10
+Assigns past and future changes.
+user42 <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Felix Lee       USA     1967    2003-03-31
+Assigns past and future changes.
+felix.1 <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Bernardo Innocenti      Italy   1974    2003-07-31
+Assigns past and future changes.
+bernie <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Albert Marsden Chin-A-Young     USA     1969    2003-08-02
+Assigns past and future changes. (changed:lib/autoconf/c.m4)
+china <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Steven Glenn Johnson    USA     1973    2003-07-26
+Assigns past and future changes.
+stevenj <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Ralf Corsepius  Germany 1963    2003-09-03
+Assigns past and future changes.
+corsepiu <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Scott Remnant   United Kingdom  1980    2003-10-04
+Assigns past and future changes.
+scott <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Daniel Jacobowitz       USA     1980    2003-10-17
+Assigns past and future changes. (changed: doc/autoconf.texi, 
lib/autoconf/c.m4, ib/autoconf/general.m4, lib/autoconf/headers.m4, 
+dan <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Kevin Fleming   USA     1966    2003-11-17
+Assigns past and future changes.
+kpfleming <AT>
+AUTOCONF       John David Anglin       Canada  1944    2004-01-21
+Assigns past and future changes.
+dave.anglin <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Eric Sunshine   United States   1967    2004-01-25
+Assigns past and future changes. (changed:autoconf/lib/m4sugar/m4sh.m4)
+sunshine <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Paolo Bonzini   Italy   1980    2004-02-15
+Assigns past and future changes.
+bonzini <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Ralf Wildenhues Germany 1975    2004-02-12
+Assigns past and future changes. (changed: doc/autoconf.texi)
+Ralf.Wildenhues <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Noah Jeffrey Misch      United States   1984    2004-07-05
+Assigns past and future changes.(changed: autoconf:lib/m4sugar/m4sh.m4)
+noah <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Thorsten Glaser 1982    Germany 2004-10-11
+Assigns past and future changes.
+tg <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Toshio Ernie Kuratomi   United States   1976    2004-11-17
+Assigns past and future changes.
+toshio <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Peter O'Gorman  United Kingdom  1968    2004-11-14
+Assigns past and  future changes.
+peter <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Roger Leigh     United Kingdom  ?       2004-12-09
+Assigns past and future changes.
+rleigh <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Ian Lance Taylor        United States   1963    2004-12-22
+Assigns past and future changes.
+ian <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Kaveh Ghazi     USA     1966    2003-03-15
+Assigns past and future changes.
+ghazi <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Gregorio Guidi  Italy   1980    2005-03-03
+Assigns past and future changes. (changed: autoconf/doc/autoconf.texi)
+greg_g <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Daniel Manthey  United States   1977    2005-02-14
+Assigns past and future changes. (changed: ext:anoncvs <AT>, :ext:anoncvs <AT>, :ext:anoncvs 
+dan_manthey <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Bruno Haible    Germany 1965    2005-06-12
+Assigns past and future changes.
+bruno <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Toby Oliver Hilary White        UK, 1977        2005-10-18
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
+tow21 <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Eric Benjamin Blake     USA, 1977       2006-01-18
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
+ebb9 <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Romain Lenglet  France, 1978    2006-02-10
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
+<rlenglet <AT>>
+AUTOCONF       Markus Duft     Austria, 1984   2006-08-03
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
+markus.duft <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Robert Schiele  Germany, 1977   2006-09-12
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
+rschiele <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Joel Edward Denny       USA, 1976       2006-09-15
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
+jdenny <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Benoit Sigoure  France, 1986    2007-04-20
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
+tsuna <AT>
+AUTOCONF       Bob Proulx      USA, 1962       2007-06-25
+Assigns Past and Future Changes
+bob <AT>
-Today, there are no less than five maintainers: Akim Demaille, Paul
-Eggert, Jim Meyering, Alexandre Oliva, and Tom Tromey, especially
-helped by Lars J. Aas, Mo DeJong, Steven G. Johnson, Matthew
-D. Langston, Pavel Roskin, and many others listed in the THANKS file.
+Local Variables:
+mode: text
+coding: utf-8
-Copyright (C) 1996, 2000, 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+Copyright (C) 1996, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
 This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
 it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
RCS file: /sources/autoconf/autoconf/THANKS,v
retrieving revision 1.140
diff -u -p -r1.140 THANKS
--- THANKS      21 Aug 2007 20:23:17 -0000      1.140
+++ THANKS      31 Aug 2007 02:58:55 -0000
 <AT>  <AT>  -1,6 +1,11  <AT>  <AT> 
-Autoconf was originally written by David J. MacKenzie <djm <AT>>.
-It would not be what it is today without the invaluable help of these
+GNU Autoconf THANKS file
+GNU Autoconf was originally written by David J. MacKenzie.  It would
+not be what it is today without the invaluable help of these people,
+who have reported problems, suggested improvements, or submitted
+actual code.  Please help us keep this list complete and free from
+errors.  Also see the AUTHORS file for the list of people with
+contributions significant enough to warrant copyright assignment.
 Aaron Crane                 aaronc <AT>
 Aaron M. Ucko               amu <AT>
 <AT>  <AT>  -51,6 +56,7  <AT>  <AT>  Daniele Arena               daniele <AT> 
 Dave Adams                  adams <AT>
 Dave Love                   fx <AT>
 David Carter                david <AT>
+David J. MacKenzie          djm <AT>
 David M. Lloyd              dmlloyd <AT>
 David Morgan                dmorgan <AT>
 Derek R. Price              derek.price <AT>
 <AT>  <AT>  -67,7 +73,7  <AT>  <AT>  Eric Mumpower               nocturne <AT> 
 Eric Sunshine               sunshine <AT>
 Ezra Peisach                epeisach <AT>
 Felix Lee                   flee <AT>
-Franc,ois Pinard            pinard <AT>
+François Pinard             pinard <AT>
 Frank Denis                 j <AT>
 Gareth McCaughan            gareth.mccaughan <AT>
 Gary V. Vaughan             gvaughan <AT>
 <AT>  <AT>  -108,7 +114,7  <AT>  <AT>  John Fortin                 fortinj 
<AT> attg
 John Interrante             interran <AT>
 John W. Eaton               jwe <AT>
 Jonathan Kamens             jik <AT>
-J"orn Rennecke              amylaar <AT>
+Jörn Rennecke               amylaar <AT>
 Joseph S. Myers             jsm28 <AT>
 Julian Onions               j.onions <AT>
 Karl Berry                  karl <AT>
 <AT>  <AT>  -210,7 +216,7  <AT>  <AT>  Steven G. Johnson           stevenj 
<AT> alum
 Stu Grossman                grossman <AT>
 Syd Polk                    spolk <AT>
 T.E. Dickey                 dickey <AT>
-Theodore Ts'o"              tytso <AT>
+Theodore Ts'o               tytso <AT>
 Thien-Thi Nguyen            ttn <AT>
 Thomas Winder               tom <AT>
 Tim Van Holder              tim.van.holder <AT>
 <AT>  <AT>  -234,6 +240,19  <AT>  <AT>  Zack Weinberg               zack <AT> 
 Many people are not named here because we lost track of them.  We
 thank them!  Please, help us keep this list up to date.
 Local Variables:
 mode: text
+coding: utf-8
+Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
+Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
+under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or
+any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no
+Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover
+Texts.  A copy of the license is included in the ``GNU Free
+Documentation License'' file as part of this distribution.

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