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Re: carriage return line endings vs. literal ^M in status.m4

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: carriage return line endings vs. literal ^M in status.m4
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2008 06:40:23 -0600
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According to Jim Meyering on 4/5/2008 6:26 AM:
|> Unfortunately, that may mean that what we have in the end may need to be
|> retested on other systems.  Not sure what to decide for 2.62 here, but
|> if Eric has a preference I would certainly respect his decision on this
|> matter.
| I agree.
| I'd prefer not to make such a change right now.
| It's not even completed, it's for a very unusual target, and there's
| been too much testing effort that would potentially be invalidated.

One set of questions before I decide whether to address this in 2.62...

| @@ -539,9 +539,16 @@ m4_ifdef([_AC_SUBST_FILES],
|  [\$ac_cs_awk_pipe_fini])
| +dnl See if CR is the EOL marker.  If not, remove any EOL-related
| +dnl ^M bytes and escape any remaining ones.  If so, just use mv.

If CR is _not_ the EOL marker, then how would CR appear at the end of the
line?  Where are we doing input into $tmp/subs1.awk that could create a
spurious CR if the platform does not use CR?  And if CR is not EOL, then
do we really need to escape intermediate CR rather than treating it as a
literal character?

And according to this patch, if CR _is_ the EOL marker, then just using mv
works.  So why not use mv unconditionally?

|  cat >>$CONFIG_STATUS <<\_ACEOF || ac_write_fail=1
| -sed "s/$ac_cr\$//; s/$ac_cr/$ac_cs_awk_cr/g" < "$tmp/subs1.awk" >
"$tmp/subs.awk" \
| -  || AC_MSG_ERROR([could not setup config files machinery])
| +ac_awk_err=0
| +sed "s/$ac_cr//" < /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&1 \
| +  && { sed "s/$ac_cr\$//; s/$ac_cr/$ac_cs_awk_cr/g" \
| +        < "$tmp/subs1.awk" > "$tmp/subs.awk" || ac_awk_err=1; } \
| +  || { mv "$tmp/subs1.awk"   "$tmp/subs.awk" || ac_awk_err=1; }

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