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Re: Use newer m4_map_args_{w,sep}

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: Use newer m4_map_args_{w,sep}
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 15:11:32 +0100
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> is now converted to AS_ECHO.  And while reviewing, I noticed some other
> simplifications (rather than choosing between m4_expand or m4_quote based
> on $1 in the second macro, I blindly call m4_expand in the first macro),
> so here's the updated patch I'm planning on installing, after I run the
> full testsuite:

You can also change the meaning of the first argument of _AC_DEFINE*,
which does not make much sense with the new implementation, and use it
with m4_indir to avoid using m4_cond.


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