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Re: more efficient AS_EXIT

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: more efficient AS_EXIT
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 11:07:52 +0100
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Eric Blake wrote:
> According to Eric Blake on 11/18/2008 6:56 PM:
>> Thanks for the additional research (I don't have personal access to a
>> Tru64 machine).  I'll update the docs accordingly, unless you beat me.
> Done in the first patch below.
>>> Hmm.  How about 'append @samp{|| AS_EXIT}' and make AS_EXIT use
>>> m4_default([$1], [$?])?  Current documented default is 1, and a couple
>>> of places in Autoconf exploit that, but I wonder whether $? would be a
>>> more consistent one: that's the default of `exit' (except for
>>> portability warts).
>> Well, as AS_EXIT was previously undocumented, I am comfortable making that
>> change.  It does seem like making $? instead of 1 is a better default,
>> even if it might make some scripts in the wild start returning 0.
> Even better: if AS_EXIT is called with arguments, exit with $? unless it
> is 0, in which case, exit with status 1.


No, please... we are lucky enough:\bAS_EXIT

I went through the 94 results, and most of them are 1) libtool, 2)
teTeX, 3) something that does "dnl AS_EXIT" (almost! :-))

Our own m4sh.m4 is the only user of AS_EXIT without arguments.


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