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Re: Unbreak Cygwin bash igncr mode with ac_cr

From: Aaron W. LaFramboise
Subject: Re: Unbreak Cygwin bash igncr mode with ac_cr
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 21:50:51 -0600
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Aaron W. LaFramboise wrote:

But yes, like Ralf suggested, I'd be interested in your testsuite results
with and without igncr and/or a patch along these lines.

OK, I am working on it and I will get back to you. autoconf is profanely slowly on Cygwin: my baseline testsuite run is still not done after many hours of running.

By the way, "make check" does not work in igncr mode due to this same issue, so I don't think I can test it.

Instead I will do runs for each of the following.

1) Cygwin, no igncr, no patch
2) Cygwin no igncr, with patch
3) Cygwin, with igncr, with patch

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