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Re: [PATCH] Ignore boilerplate logo from MSVC on stderr.

From: Peter Rosin
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Ignore boilerplate logo from MSVC on stderr.
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 23:23:37 +0100
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Den 2010-11-17 09:57 skrev Paul Eggert:
> On 11/17/2010 12:16 AM, Peter Rosin wrote:
>> just the other day I built a couple of
>> libraries with MSVC with simple
>>   autoreconf -i; configure CC=cl CFLAGS=-nologo [more stuff]; make
>> sequences.  The autoreconf step will not be needed once the libraries
>> in question pick up latest released autotools.
> That sounds like things are working, then.  It's no more
> hassle than what is regularly required for other relatively-uncommon
> configurations.  I expect that the few people who want to build with
> MSVC can get used to this sort of thing, just as the few people who
> (say) want to build with 64-bit Solaris cc can get used to
> "./configure CC='cc -m64'".

You have carefully omitted the part where I said that there are other
workarounds needed, and where I mention that the number of workarounds
matter, at least IMHO.

I can confirm that yes, it is not completely broken for me, warts and
all.  But it is unnecessarily difficult and I'm not too fond of warts.
However, since I'm clearly losing this argument, I'm giving up on the
patch in question.

>> Since it can only cause problems for the poor sods running tools that
>> outputs something Microsoftian, I don't see why you care given your
>> below statements.
> The proposed hack to elide the Microsoft copyright notice is more cruft
> to maintain and could well cause failures on non-Microsoft hosts.

As I'm curious, would you care to elaborate on what might fail?  Some
other tool outputting something that matches as its first three lines
of stderr?  sed not being able to store those three first lines in its
buffer?  Anything else?


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