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Re: [PATCH] Revert 'Fix logic error in _AC_PROG_LEX_YYTEXT_DECL (#109320

From: Ross Burton
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Revert 'Fix logic error in _AC_PROG_LEX_YYTEXT_DECL (#109320)'
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2020 18:55:21 +0100

I suggest you revert and take my patch. :)

I can’t actually find any projects that need so this will continue to break all cross compilation where a target flex isn’t around. All the packages that I found to break were building from tarballs as they don’t distribute the generated sources.


On Thu, 16 Jul 2020 at 18:51, Paul Eggert <> wrote:
On 7/16/20 10:34 AM, Ross Burton wrote:
> Wouldn't that break cross-compilation where a host flex is present but
> target libfl isn't?  That case worked previously and should work fine,
> as libfl isn't actually that useful.

That shouldn't be a problem when building from tarballs, as flex shouldn't be
needed then and the patch is a win because it prevents the build from failing
unnecessarily. However, it could be a problem when building from Git
repositories where you need flex but may well not need the library.

So I installed the attached patch, which implements Zack's first suggestion. I'm
being somewhat bold in installing here; feel free to comment and suggest
improvements (or suggest I revert :-).

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