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Re: [Update install instruction for macOS] Update install instruction fo

From: Minsoo Choo
Subject: Re: [Update install instruction for macOS] Update install instruction for macOS
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2022 16:19:14 +0000

When autoconf and automake is built on macOS, the system perl sometimes cannot 
find Autom4te or Automake::Config.

Example: <>

I am not quite certain about this, but I assume that the INC location of system 
perl on macOS is causing the problem.

>From default perl on macOS:

The user-installed perl has different location.

I guess that the default perl on macOS cannot recognize .pm files under 

When I installed autoconf from the source code first time and executed it, it 
showed this error lines.

Can't locate Autom4te/ in @INC (you may need to install the 
Autom4te::ChannelDefs module)

I tried many methods to solve this, and when I installed perl from source, the 
problem was solved.

I guess we can solve this problem by setting PERL5LIB, but I don't know 
specifically since I don't have any knowledge in perl.

------- Original Message -------
On Saturday, November 19th, 2022 at 11:03 PM, Paul Eggert <> 

> On 2022-11-19 13:20, Minsoo Choo wrote:
> > +On macOS, users should not use the default perl, but manually install
> > +it from
> Could you explain why this advice is helpful? What is the default perl
> version on macOS, and do different macOS versions have different perl
> versions, and why doesn't the most recent macOS version work with Autoconf?

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