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time for Autoconf 2.72 (was: On time64 and Large File Support)

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: time for Autoconf 2.72 (was: On time64 and Large File Support)
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2023 15:15:23 -0800
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On 2/1/23 22:43, Sam James wrote:
Unfortunately, I think we've missed the Debian freeze I think, but it is what 
it is there
(was hoping to get it in there so we could benefit from the large number of 
people who make dist tarballs on Debian).

Oh well. As you say, it is what it is.

Since there's been no comment about that documentation change I installed it in Autoconf master on Savannah. I also installed the result of a 'make fetch'.

As far as I know, the next Autoconf release is good to go. Unfortunately I can't test Autoconf as well as Zack tested it. However, it appears that releasing what we've got would be better than not releasing it so I'm hoping that we can release Autoconf 2.72 soon, even if it's not as well tested as Autoconf 2.71 was.

Comments welcome.

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