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Re: Need hook into cxx prefix

From: kitkat
Subject: Re: Need hook into cxx prefix
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 12:20:46 +0200

Hi Simon, thanks for your quick reply !

> > The right time to call the meta-compiler would be after a source-file
> > has been compiled.
> [...]
> I suppose your "meta-compiler" (is it a documentation generator?) creates
> some sort of output files. 

In fact it's more a kind of signal/slot-generator. I'm working on a
that uses a kind of preprocessor to generate meta-information out of
( like moc does it for the QT-people).

The generated file is a C++-sourcefile. This file gets compilled also
and should be
added to the executable/library by the linker.

Here a short summary:

 1.) xxx.h (gets changed)
 2.) xxx.cxx ( xxx.h is included by xxx.cxx -> this dependency forces
recompilation of xxx.cxx)
 3.) now not only the c-compiler should run but also my Preprocessor
     which generates xxx_vprep.cxx out of xxx.h.
 4.) The result:
     .) xxx.cxx -> xxx.o
     .) xxx.hxx -> xxx_vprep.cxx -> xxx_vprep.o
 5.) And last xxx.o + xxx_vprep.o = xxx.(exe) 

> The best thing to do then is to add the
> necessary rule for that and to tell automake where to install the
> generated files. 
Could you give me little code snippet ?
How does the rule I have to add should look like in respect to the above
explanations ?

> Your program will be run independently, then, but each
> time a C file changes.
In fact thats what I want to get !

 Thanks in advance, any further help would be nice - Andi

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