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[PATCH] Fix for CRLF problem

From: Morten Eriksen
Subject: [PATCH] Fix for CRLF problem
Date: 09 Oct 2000 13:14:10 +0200
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I had problems running a configure script under Cygwin, because of
extra CR-characters (i.e. ASCII \015, "carriage return") being added
to the shell code of the macros gathered into aclocal.m4 by Automake's

This lead to problems when running ``configure'' due to what looks
like a bug in the Cygwin bash port (using the latest release): lines
ending with '\' (i.e. "continuation" lines) plus CRLF will not be
parsed correctly -- bash just ends the command, as if the '\'
character wasn't there.

The attached patch will let Automake circumvent this bug by writing
aclocal.m4 in binary mode (i.e. with just LF instead of CRLF under
MSWindows). I believe this to be the correct behavior anyway, Cygwin
bash bug or not.

(There might be a better way than using ``binmode'' to instruct Perl's
``print'' function to write LF instead of CRLF, but I couldn't find
one. I'm no Perl guru.  :^})

BTW, I've also reported the bash bug to the cygwin mailinglist.


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