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Re: How to install "config.h"

From: Mark Galassi
Subject: Re: How to install "config.h"
Date: 27 Oct 2000 05:56:45 -0600

    >> And use `#include <your-package-name/config.h>' in all other
    >> headers that include it.

    Ossama> BTW, I do exactly what Alexandre suggests in some of my
    Ossama> own packages.  It works out quite nicely.

But be careful: if any of the C code in the package itself includes
<your-package-name/config.h> you might be in for a nasty surprise: if
a version is already installed and a user is compiling a new version
from source, that user will pick up the installed .h files which will
not be consistent with the source.  I've seen this happen.

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