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[Fwd: --add-missing]

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: [Fwd: --add-missing]
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 16:38:21 -0500

Yep.  Looks like that could be used by configure to set, say,
TEX_TEXINPUTS & PDFTEX_TEXINPUTS and prepend include dirs differently
for different targets, but I suspect that if your TeX distribution
includes kpsewhich then your TeX applications can already find the
appropriate texinfo.tex.

Of course, I suppose this could still be used to find a more recent
texinfo.tex than was included with your automake distribution, which
would work slightly better than including an out-of-date texinfo.tex,
but the included texinfo.tex will still render PDF targets unbuildable
since texi2dvi will, by default, prefer a texinfo.tex in '.' over one

In other words, a complete solution is probably some combination of
these two, so that TEX_TEXINPUTS or PDFTEX_TEXINPUTS is used when
available and the included texinfo.tex is used when the appropriate
texinfo.tex can't be found.

This is a little more work, but it seems much less baroque than mv'ing
texinfo.tex out of the way when a better one is found.  Then again,
maybe you can find a way to make that work.


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"Derek R. Price" <address@hidden> writes:
> Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> > On Nov 13, 2000, "Derek R. Price" <address@hidden> wrote:
> > > Okay, is there some way short of symlinking the
> > > /usr/share/automake/texinfo.tex file by hand to make sure that automake
> > > --add-missing uses the "proper" texinfo.tex file (i.e. the one installed
> > > with the texinfo package and assumedly the most recent one)?
> >
> > I'm afraid not.  Any suggestions about how automake could find out
> > where texinfo.tex from the texinfo package is installed, assuming it
> > is?
> Well, after sifting the documentation for my distribution for several hours,
> I have discovered the "texmf.cnf" file.  It appears to define all sorts of
> possible search paths dependant on the format of your input and output files.

Assuming you're using teTeX (likely for most recent UNIX TeX
installations), you look for things using the 'kpsewhich' program,
like in

  kpsewhich texinfo.tex

The texmf.cnf file should be treated as an internal detail.

- Hari
Raja R Harinath ------------------------------ address@hidden
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