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libs in subdirs

From: Bryan VanDeVen
Subject: libs in subdirs
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 11:26:09 -0600

I think this has been coverered for shlibs but I culd not find anything for 
static libs...   is there ary way (without libtool at the present) to build 
static convenience libs and then have them all combined in a top level 

For instance


so there are source files in all three directories, and we would like to 
eventually combine all the object files into "libsomelib.a"

we tried just listing all the sources in the top level, but 
automake does not like having any sources in subdirectories it seems.  So, if 
we just build libdbdbv.a and libgdemv.a in their respective directories with 
their own's, is there a way to merge them together with the top 
level objects into one "libsomelib.a" ?


Bryan Van de Ven
Applied Research Labs
University of Texas, Austin

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