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Re: rpath command?

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: rpath command?
Date: 27 Nov 2000 04:50:39 -0200
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On Nov 25, 2000, Tom Tromey <address@hidden> wrote:

>>> Do I have to use some macro in to fill $(LINK) with GNU ld?
Alexandre> automake should define it to `$(LIBTOOL) $(CC/CXX)...'.
Alexandre> Maybe it only does this when there is at least one source
Alexandre> file to compile in the current directory?

> Yeah, that's how it works.  I realize this is less than good.  Can you
> suggest how it ought to work?

I think the current behavior is fine, since it is indeed invalid to
create a library or libtool archive out of no source files.  However,
we might output a warning (or even an error) if we find a request to
create a library out of no source files.

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