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nearly there... yet another question first

From: Robert Collins
Subject: nearly there... yet another question first
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 10:09:21 +1000

in one of the leaf's I tried

libexec_PROGRAMS = smb_auth
+= -DSAMBAPREFIX=\"/usr/local/samba\" -DHELPERSCRIPT=\"\"

(hoping that the goatbook comment re: automake 1.5 in the FAQ was based
on current CVS code :])

Now automake --foreign in the root of the source tree (uhmm,thats
../../../../../ ) complains about a missing compile
script. --add-missing installs compile in the leaf branch.

Commenting out the _CFLAGS line removes the complaint.

Why doesn't it install compile in the top_srcdir?
Is the relationship between compile and using _CFLAGS a guaranteed
thing, or is there something elsewhere in the project (
etc ) that could remove the need for compile?


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