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Re: crosscompiling dll linux->mingw32

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: crosscompiling dll linux->mingw32
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 14:18:14 +0200

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> On Apr 26, 2001, Guido Draheim <address@hidden> wrote:
> > I did just need to change a single line in which
> > enabled me afterwards to actually *build* a dll.
> Looks like you were not using -no-undefined when creating the
> library.  This is required to build a DLL on MS-Windows.
correct.     (sorry, had problems in other tests before libtool-1.4)

anyway - the interesting thing is about "make install" and

currently it seems that the automake-rules assume the existance of
a prog.exe in the builddir, but it is not created in the current
libtoolized make-processing. The current builddir/prog `head` says

# pfe - temporary wrapper script for .libs/pfe.exe
# Generated by - GNU libtool 1.4 (1.920 2001/04/24 23:26:18)
# The pfe program cannot be directly executed until all the libtool
# libraries that it depends on are installed.

from that I'd say libtool knows that CC has created a pfe.exe but
the automake-rules/vardefs expect a builddir/pfe.exe too. A copy
of builddir' pfe to pfe.exe does indeed work. Who's to blame,
libtool or automake?

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