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Re: unnecessary suffix handling?

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: unnecessary suffix handling?
Date: 05 May 2001 15:42:09 -0600

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Morrison <address@hidden> writes:

Dave> I have a project in which there are some header files (they
Dave> happen to have the suffix `.idl') that I want installed.
Dave> Nothing else in the project depends directly on them, I'd just
Dave> like to install them.

Dave> include_HEADERS = foo.idl

Do you still have this problem?
I couldn't reproduce it.

I wrote this test case to see:

    #! /bin/sh

    # Test for header installation.
    # Rerport from Dave Morrison

    . $srcdir/defs || exit 1

    cat > << 'END'
    include_HEADERS = foo.idl

    : > foo.idl


Running it with `make check TESTS=idl.test VERBOSE=t' succeeds.

If you still see the failure can you tell me how to modify this test
case to display it?

Dave> Even though I don't want the automake-produced Makefile to do
Dave> anything except install the files, do I really need to teach
Dave> automake about the suffix of these files?

Nope.  If you still see the problem it is definitely a bug.

I looked at the ChangeLog but didn't see anything that looked like it
fixed this.


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