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Re: Warning fix for automake on CVS Libtool

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: Re: Warning fix for automake on CVS Libtool
Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 01:02:01 -0400 (EDT)

Hi, Tom!

> Pavel> -        push @clean_suffixes, $predefined_index{$1};
> Pavel> +        push @clean_suffixes, $predefined_index{$1}
> Pavel> +        if (defined $predefined_index{$1});
> I think any possible value here is already defined.
> So the `if' is not required.

The warnings were only from %hidden_index, but I was under impression that
some protection is needed here as well. I missed the "[cfkvtp]" part in
the regular expression. Sorry.

> Pavel> -        push @clean_suffixes, $hidden_index{$1};
> Pavel> +        push @clean_suffixes, $hidden_index{$1}
> Pavel> +        if (defined $hidden_index{$1});
> I think this is actually ok.

I tend to agree. Automake is not required to check texinfo files and warn
about their contents - other tools exist for that. Not cleaning few files
is not a big deal since correctness of "make dist" doesn't rely on
correctness of "make distclean" and the later is ensured by "make

> Akim, I notice that while @defcodeindex is handled, @defindex is not.
> Is that intentional, or just an oversight?

>From reading the documenation for texinfo it seems to be an oversight. The
difference between @defcodeindex and @defindex is purely cosmetical. The
save applies to @syncodeindex vs. @synindex.

Almost untested patch (in produces no warnings, that's all I know):

        * (scan_texinfo_file): Consider @defindex and
        @synindex in the same way as @defcodeindex and @syncodeindex

@@ -2601,9 +2601,9 @@
       # Try to find what are the indexes which are used.

       # Creating a new category of index.
-      elsif (/address@hidden (\w+)/)
+      elsif (/address@hidden(code)?index (\w+)/)
-        push @clean_suffixes, $1;
+        push @clean_suffixes, $2;

       # Storing in a predefined index.
@@ -2618,9 +2618,9 @@

       # Merging an index into an another.
-      elsif (/address@hidden (\w+) \w+/)
+      elsif (/address@hidden(code)?index (\w+) \w+/)
-       push @syncodeindexes, "$1s";
+       push @syncodeindexes, "$2s";


By the way, I discovered a terrible bug in CVS Automake while testing it -
"make dvi" doesn't propagate to the subdirectories.

Pavel Roskin

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