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Re: Automake release

From: Gary V . Vaughan
Subject: Re: Automake release
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 18:20:01 +0100

On Monday 07 May 2001 12:38 am, Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Gary" == Gary V Vaughan <address@hidden> writes:
> Gary> I guess that it might be advantageous to have a call for
> Gary> bugfixes email incase there are any other pet bugfixes people
> Gary> might like backported to a stable release (the automake
> Gary> --add-missing copy failed warning bug springs to mind here)...
> I think there are 3:
> * the copy bug you mention
> * the missing `d' bug in `make dist'
> * the missing `$' bug in
> These three seem to be reported frequently.
> Check the recent bug-automake archives to see the last two patches.
> The `d' patch is reported a lot -- more than once a month.

Sure, no problem.

I notice that you haven't yet migrated the project to savannah... is that a 
deliberate choice, or simply a lack of time?  I'd be happy to facilitate the 
migration if you like.

Among the advantages of hosting the project at savannah would have been that, 
for instance, you would have been able to add me to the developer list on the 
project page and grant me CVS write access yourself through your web browser, 
without the delays of going through the admin lists at gnu.

  ())_.  Gary V. Vaughan     gary@(|
  ( '/   Research Scientist        ,_())____
  / )=   GNU Hacker   \'      `&
`(_~)_   Tech' Author    =`---d__/

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