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hello again :)

From: Kent Nyberg
Subject: hello again :)
Date: 12 May 2001 23:19:48 +0200

(im not on this list so pleas CC to me :)
Thanks for the quick answere to my last question about tutorials etc.!
The book was great!
I have done something that lookes like a true configure script now :)

But i have one question though..

I want to check if gnome is installed on the system with configure but I
cant seem to find out how.
Gtk+ was easy, I just did :
            [LIBS="$LIBS $GTK_LIBS"
             CFLAGS="$CFLAGS $GTK_CFLAGS"],
            AC_MSG_ERROR(Cannot find Gtk+ => 1.2.0)) "

That seemes to be good enough for me :)

But to search for gnome was a bit harder :(

I have looked in other programs to find out how they do it.
I found out that they use the gnome macros found in
(well, atleast they are found there on my Debian system).
They include the macros in the with this:
(The gnome macros is in the 'macros' directory )

So, to see if i can do the same i created the directory 'macros' and
copied the 
gnome macros there.
But when i use AM_ACLOCAL_INCLUDE(macros) in my
i get the following error when i run aclocal.

"aclocal: 5: macro `AM_ACLOCAL_INCLUDE' not found in

What should i do to fix that? What is the problem?

Thanks for a great program.. even if its not working for me right now :)

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