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Re: Mac OS X

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Mac OS X
Date: 17 May 2001 20:00:19 -0600

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul F Kunz <address@hidden> writes:

Paul> So on a Mac OS X platform, I would want effiectively the
Paul> following...

Paul> cd hippo; make # compiles the Java
Paul> cd jni; make   # creates JNI headers and compiles the C++ in jni/
Paul> make bundle 

    SUBDIRS = hippo jni .

Paul> And I never expected that there were Mac OS X users who wanted
Paul> to build my project.

This is exactly why we advise writing portably from the start!
You never know what people will try.

Paul> For Windows users, I use my am2msdev tool to read
Paul> files and generate MS Visual Studio project files.

How much of the automake syntax does it understand?
This might be an interesting feature to integrate into the next major
release (not 1.5, but whatever the one after that is).

This will give Akim a chance to change all the output routines to use
objects and be more nicely structured :-)


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