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Re: Deleting in maintainer-clean

From: Gary V . Vaughan
Subject: Re: Deleting in maintainer-clean
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 10:07:11 +0100

On Friday 18 May 2001  1:09 am, Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Gary" == Gary V Vaughan <address@hidden> writes:
> Gary> I have always tried to have maintainer-clean revert the source
> Gary> tree to the state it was in when freshly checked out of CVS.
> This is easy enough to do; there is a tool in the `cvsutils' (Pavel's,
> not Alexandre's) which will remove anything not in cvs.  This tool
> works offline.

Okay, thanks.  That fits my needs precisely.

> Gary> What is the right thing to do here?  Should we write a custom
> Gary> cvs-clean for each project?  Maybe stub the rules to take care
> Gary> of the recursion, but (beyond the maintainer-clean files) remove
> Gary> only the files listed in CVSCLEAN variable?
> I'd prefer not, since we don't even know that people will be using
> cvs.  It isn't a very good name.

Why not, many projects roll a `cvs-dist' and suchlike?  It is certainly 

> Automake's first priority is to follow the GNU Standards.  We could
> add a new, universal clean target if we found it worthwhile.  My guess
> is that it is not.  I doubt I've ever used maintainer-clean except
> when testing it.

Well, the issue is not maintainer-clean (now that I understand exactly what 
it is for, I will probably never use it again either), but a standard way to 
get a CVS snapshot back into the state it help just after it was checked out 
of CVS.  If intallers have `make clean' and `make distclean', the maintainers 
corrollary is `make maintainer-clean' and `make cvs-clean' 
(maintainer-distclean?).  I do this *all the time*!

Anyway, I'm happy to check a copy of Pavel's cvsclean tool into my projects, 
and make a policy ruling that people must run it, and then pass `make 
dist-check' before they check any changes back into cvs.  If I convert it 
from perl to shell, would you be interested in accepting as a new automake 
standard target (subject to finding a suitable name for the target)?

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