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--ignore-missing patch

From: Gary V . Vaughan
Subject: --ignore-missing patch
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 11:22:06 +0100


I have been experimenting with GNU shtool recently -- it allows you to roll 
all the little scripts (mkinstalldirs, install-sh etc.) into a single 
catch-all `shtool' script.  Unfortunately, automake gets very upset if its 
own versions of these files are not present in the tree.  I have been running 
a patched automake to get around this, and figured it is perhaps something 
that you would like in the upstream sources?

  ())_.  Gary V. Vaughan     gary@(|
  ( '/   Research Scientist        ,_())____
  / )=   GNU Hacker   \'      `&
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