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Do you want to be on TV?

From: Roger McKenssy
Subject: Do you want to be on TV?
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 18:23:09 +0200

We are looking for new faces for TV & Movie productions. All ages and 
looks. All countries.

If you are interested, Please email or fax us your: 





-email address:

If your email reply gives you a delivery error, please use Fax nr 
1-309-276-9964 to ensure that we get your message. 

Please reply only if TV, movie or modeling is of an interest to you. 
We hope you understand that we are trying to get ONLY serious people who 
really want to try and like the camera. Feel free to pass this email to a 
friend or a family member who maybe interested.

There is absolutely no payment of any form required from your side.
On the oposite, all jobs we offers are well paid.

You'll be contacted for an online interview as soon as we can. 

Best Regards,
Roger McKenssy
Fax nr 1-309-276-9964
This email is sent to you in full compliance with all existing and proposed 
email legislation.
Note: You are not on a mailing list, and this is a one-time email. If we 
don't get an answer, you'll never hear from us any more. 
You are removed by default. You can still reply with the word Remove in the 
subject. This right is yours by law.

Use Fax nr 1-309-276-9964

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