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[PATCH] fix install on cygwin with shared libraries

From: Robert Collins
Subject: [PATCH] fix install on cygwin with shared libraries
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 13:21:59 +1000

There is a current problem with automake and libtool on cygwin when
shared libraries are enabled.

The problem is in two parts. The root cause of the problem is that the
wrapper script for relinking binaries linked with .dll's when they are
run from the build directory, cannot have a .exe extension. This means
that automake, expecting foo.exe cannot find it because the script is
called foo. This then doesn't call the libtool --mode=install  for

The patch automakefindlibtoolscript.patch corrects this.

The second problem is that libtool then doesn't detect that foo.exe is a
libtool program and just calls install .. foo.exe rather than install
... ./libs/foo.exe

I figured that changing the call to libtool to use "foo" not "foo.exe"
would be a bad thing in some cases... so I altered libtool to check for
"foo" as a libtool program if it is given "foo.exe" but "foo.exe" does
not exist. The patch libtoolinstalloncygwin.patch implements this.

I've crossposted this email for hopefully obvious reasons. The patchs
don't need to be syncronised - they both stand alone.

I've tested the resulting makefile and libtool script
with --disable-static and with --disable-shared. In both cases it
correctly installs foo.exe, not (foo.exe.exe or nothing).

If there's anything not-quite-right about this, please let me know...


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