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Re: The %.o: rule

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: The %.o: rule
Date: 04 Jun 2001 17:15:22 -0600

>>>>> "Clark" == Clark Rawlins <address@hidden> writes:

Clark> Is there any kind of concensus on what would be the 'correct'
Clark> way to do this in automake?  Is there a consensus that automake
Clark> should continue to support these old compilers?

Yes, automake should support these old compilers.  That is, until we
find that they don't exist any more.  That day could even be now.

Anyway, automake already supports this via the `compile' script.  Here
is a comment from the script:

    # Wrapper for compilers which do not understand `-c -o'.

This is the current cvs automake.

Clark> I am attempting to modify automake to support paths and want
Clark> the output files to end up in the same directory structure as
Clark> the original files.

What do you mean by this?
My guess is that the current automake already does what you want.


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